Our Technology

We specialize in stainless steel machining

We offer a range of precision stainless steel machining capabilities customized to meet various customer requirements. With our extensive experience, unwavering dedication to quality, and cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee superior quality for every stainless steel machining project.


We are committed to delivering high-quality products with stable supply

With over 50 years of combined machining experience and a diverse range of backgrounds in various products, our CNC machining team is poised to deliver superior machined components and parts that meet your requirements.


We continuously strive to stay ahead by adopting the latest technologies and evolving consistently

We maintain a steadfast commitment to integrating new technologies, enhancing our technical capabilities, and adding fresh appeal to our expertise. Simultaneously, we drive a unified organizational effort and consistently aim to explore new frontiers.


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Business Overview

1) Fabricate parts from blueprint or sample
2) From prototyping to high volume product
3) Secondary processes through a network of partners (heat-treating, grinding, etc..)


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